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Being my first foray into the world of home page design, this may well be the pischiest design you've ever seen. Well, hell, why not book mark this site and laugh about it with your friends.

My name is Lineke (but I'm known to most as Lynn!). I trained as a secondary English and Drama teacher. I completed and was awarded my degree in 1997 at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. My favourite things to do are bush walking, camping, seeing movies, choral singing, drinking way too much Diet Coke, reading and generally enjoying life! I have taught in the US and England and in the meantime visited Ireland, Holland, Tanzania, Luxembourg, Scotland, Canada, Switzerland, Lanzarote, Mexico, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Bahamas, Greece, Poland and Northern Ireland in the past 5 years. Right now, I am working in Adelaide and happily living in my hometown for the first time in 6 years!

For five years, I was a member of the Flinders University Choral Society fulfilling the roles of Fresher Pleb (1994), Co-Fundraising Officer (1995), President of Vice (1996) and President (1997). I also finished a year, in absentia as IPP (Immediate Past President) and am finally over my obsession with the colour orange!
Well, almost...

D uring my uni years, I regularly attended Intervarsity Choral Festivals, the last one in Melbourne IVCF in January 1998. (My brief hello at AIV 2001 not withstanding!) If you're interested in the choral music scene in Australian Universities, you can find more information on the official AICSA website. You can also find the link to the Melbourne Universtity Choral Society on that page, of which I am currently a participating member.

O n arrival in London many years ago now, I joined a theatre group called the Woodhouse Players and somehow got "convinced" into playing the principal boy in their Christmas Pantomime - "Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs". I also took a role in their subsequent production "Don't Blame It On The Boots", and directed "The Philanthropist" by Christopher Hampton. I never learned my lesson about panto and played an all-singing, all-dancing handmaiden in the 2000 panto "Aladdin" and the evil fairy, Lexus in the 2001 panto "Sleeping Beauty" which I co-authored with my friends, Derna and Rebecca. Photos of these plays can be found on the website, along with details about any upcoming productions.

I n Newport News, Virginia, I taught English and Journalism at Denbigh High School website. The website's not that exciting but has contact information on it and a stunning picture of our mascot, the Denbigh Patriot. (No, I'm not kidding!) I taught two years there and it was an amazing experience, not only because it allowed me to meet my now husband, Ryan, who was also teaching English there!

To link to the online photo album of our Australian Wedding, follow this link.
To link to the online photo album of our American Wedding, follow this link.
W e are lucky enought to be living in Clarendon right now, on a vineyard property that is owned by my parents. There is a website of photos of "Clarendon Ridge" here.

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If you're still bored, and willing to waste your time surfing...
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    Yes, it really is free! Join the ranks of the hotmail-initiated and never be caught without recreational email space again!
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    I have become completely addicted to this musical, having seen it 5 times while in London and once in New York. This is the New York Production site, which has more information and is linked to the London site which is probably dead as the show has closed (I think).
  • Kingdomality
    This site is cool - it'll tell you what rank and position you may have fulfilled in Medieval England - and I get to be a Wandering Musician so I won't complain!
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    Tim Curry is GOD!
  • Cow Catapulting
    This is the silliest site I've ever seen - go see, go see!
  • Jason's Page
    I suppose that seeing as he helped me a little with this page I should include some kind of acknowledgement... this is his blog. It's fascinating. Truly.

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